Student Competitions - 3 Reasons On Why Having A Bad GPA Is OK

3 Reasons On Why Having A Bad GPA Is OK

Contrary to what the majority thinks, Student Competitions do not believe that having a lousy Grade Point Average (GPA) represents a bleak future. This article will communicate 3 ideas on why we thought so.

Many students suffered from the lack of confidence due their inability to score well on school examinations. The setback may cause them to think negatively of themselves and thus, crippling their propensity to prosper. However, the truth of the matter is that one does not require a good GPA to get a good job or be successful in the future. Also, a lousy GPA does not mean that you are not intellectually good enough.

#1 You have non-academic qualities.

You may be preoccupied with many other co-curricular activities, such as managing a school club or even participating in competitions, which ultimately adversely affected your GPA. However, this could also mean that you have key qualities that employers are looking for - leadership, management, communication, team working, presentation skills or more. Whatever it is, these qualities are extremely important to an organization as they would want someone who is “street smart” rather than “book smart”. For example, a sales organization would want to hire someone who has charisma and is able to communicate well which brings me to the next point - having the relevant skills.

#2 You have the relevant work experiences or skills.

You probably also heard that a good GPA is only important for your application to your first job. Thereafter, employers will be looking at your work experiences rather than your grades. That is extremely true because employers would want to hire someone who is ready to get started with work, rather than spending some time to train this new person to ease into the job role. Hence, my recommendation for you is to start applying for internships and graduate from your school with many excited work experiences and skills.

#3 You are motivated.

You may have heard that famous successful businessmen, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, were both drop outs of their own school, yet are evaluated as successful people by modern day standard. Why is that so? That is because both of them are motivated people who set their heart and soul to achieving their goals. Being seen as motivated is essential to potential employers. People would rather hire someone put in their best effort into the organization than someone who is smart but ineffective. Hence, if you are a motivated person, be sure to show it. You could even be an entrepreneur and possibly the next billionaire.

In conclusion, it all boils down to your attitude and outlook in life. It is important for others to know exactly what you are doing to compensate for your lower than average GPA. People love seeing an individual helping themselves before offering additional help. Hence, it is ok to have lousy grades, but always take the extra effort to make up for it.

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Editor's Notes:

Author bio: Genevieve Leng is a web content writer of She had participated and won in numerous student competitions when she was studying in her high school and university.