Student Competitions - Corporate Real Estate - the dynamic career you

Corporate Real Estate - the dynamic career you likely never knew existed!

Ever admired the Googleplex and imagined that it would be an amazing place to work at? Corporate real estate professionals are the ones making that happen! They are shaping where and how work gets done around the world.

With the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge, you’ll get to discover corporate real estate - where you can create the spaces, places and experiences corporations require for business success.

The last three editions of the Global Academic challenge has been a life changing experience for past participants. In 2016, the winner was Logan Walker from the USA. On top of winning the grand prize, he counts the experience as one that has been truly impactful in his career. Right off the bat, he received offers from top real estate development companies including those in Chicago, Sterling Bay & Related Midwest. 

Since then he’s earned many other scholarships and interviewed for prestigious programmes. Today he is a dual MBA/M-ARCH Candidate and he aims to be a Real Estate Developer in the long term. The Academic Challenge has also left a big impact on his teammate Ester Cho, who now works in a consulting firm related to CoreNet in New York City.

Ready to take on a new challenge and change your life? This year the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge is going to take place in Boston and Hong Kong! 

You stand to win an all-expense paid trip to one of our Global Summits in Asia or North America. Connect with experts and win US $5,000 for your team.

Learn more about the competition, and sign up today.