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How To Make Your Employer Pay For Your Part-Time MBA

Are you considering to get a degree in MBA and work at the same time? Part-time MBA programs will give you the flexibility to do both. Also, there are quite a few employers who are willing to pay the tuition on ao part-time program. Want to find out more? Make sure to continue reading.

1. Check your employee handbook


Before you start asking your employer's, it's always good to check your company’s website or the employee handbook first. There may be a special section that tells you whether the company has any formal tuition reimbursement or scholarship programs.


2. Talk to Human Resources


Once you have done your research, human resources department is always a good place to start. The HR manager should be able to tell you if there is a pre-established program for employees who want to receive tuition assistance for a part-time MBA program.


3. Talk to your boss


If there are no formal programs established at your work, don’t give up yet and talk directly to your boss. Make sure that you do enough research about the program and plan the conversation out ahead of time. Be knowledgeable about things listed below in prior:

  • The name of school & part- time MBA program
  • The program’s curriculum
  • The cost of the part time MBA program
  • The duration of the program
  • The program schedule
  • The reason why you need an MBA
  • The reason why you are considering a part time program
  • The reasons why you think your boss should pay for it
  • What you are willing to give in return for tuition assistance. 


Once you followed all these steps, you are probably ready to get your part - time MBA sponsored!

Are you currently looking for part-time MBA programmes? Make sure to check this page out! 

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