Student Competitions - How To Save Money In College

How To Save Money In College

Besides the pinch of rising tuition costs, it can be quite costly to study at higher education level. However, it doesn't mean there are no ways to save money and have fun. Read on to find out how you can save money in college!

Read on to find out how you can save money in college! 

Editor's Notes:


1. Buy used textbooks or find them online

The cost of textbooks in college are extremely expensive. Before you buy them in the campus bookstore, see if you can find the pdf version online or if there are ways to borrow them in the library or a fellow student who have done the course already. If not, buy used textbooks at or join facebook groups where you can buy/sell used ones! 


2. Get scholarships! 

Keep your eyes on application dates since some scholarships renew each year. 


3. Choose your accommodation carefully

It is usually less expensive to live in the dorms rather than living off campus. Dorms are usually offered to first-year student however when you find something off-campus, get a room-mate and split the cost of housing. 


4. Study hard

As mentioned above, tuition fees are very expensive and if you don't manage to finish your degree on time, every additional semester is another big expensive. Check out what your university can offer you such as tutoring and academic services to help you stay on track. 


5. Shop wisely

Wherever you go, make sure to ask for student discounts and get lower rates on everything from meals to travel. Many big brands as well as local shops and restaurants offer money off when you show your student ID.


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